WACOM Tools Intuos2 Ink Pen (Option) артикул XP-110

Артикул: XP-110
Централен склад: С поръчка
217 лв

 Ballpoint soft tip
 Pressure-sensitive pen tip
 Tilt sensitive
 Tool ID


Description :
The Intuos2 Ink Pen is the ideal input device for tracing and illustrating original artwork and inputting hand-written text, including signatures, with immediate monitoring of results.

Intuos2 input devices can not be used with Intuos1 or Intuos3 tablets!

Functions :
 Ballpoint soft tip
 Pressure-sensitive pen tip
 Tilt sensitive
 Tool ID

Specifications :
 Battery-free, cordless
 Weight 12 g
 Pressure sensitivity 1024 levels
 Tilt angle +/-60º
 Tip activation pressure: 30g - 400 g
 Replaceable ball point refills



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