Samsung SM863a 240GB OEM Int. 2.5" SATA Server SSD артикул SM SSD 240GB SM863A

Артикул: SM SSD 240GB SM863A
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Samsung SSD PM863a 240GB OEM Int. 2.5" SATA SSD for write-intensive data centers With a higher level of endurance, the SATA 2.5-inch SM863a Solid State Drive (SSD) is the ideal choice for write-intensive applications such as servers for OLTP (online transaction processing),email and database.


Samsung SSD SM863a 240GB OEM Int. 2.5" SATA Server/Datacenter SSD

Sustain endurance with V-NAND technology

The SM863 is designed with Samsung V-NAND technology to provide all the essentials for data center environments - more capacity, speed, endurance and power efficiency. . As a result, the SM863a is optimal for 24/7 data center operations under heavy workloads.

The SM863a protects data with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption. This encryption engine secures data without the performance degradation often experienced with software-based encryption.


Твърд диск - типSSD диск
Твърд диск - форм фактор2.5 инча 7mm
ИнтерфейсSATA 3 / 6Gbp/s
SSD диск - капацитет GB240GB
SSD Скорост на четене410 MB/s
SSD Скорост на запис450 MB/s
Гаранция3 години гаранция

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