Lenovo 57Y4303 Security Cable Lock артикул 57Y4303

Артикул: 57Y4303
46 лв
Аксесоар, Lenovo Security Cable Lock


Предназначен заЛаптоп
Х-ка 2The Lenovo Security Cable Lock allows customers to manage physical security access within the enterprise, offices, schools, libraries and research labs.
Х-ка 3Cable locks help reduce theft, and increase physical asset security protection for notebooks, notebook docking stations, desktops and flat panel monitors.
Х-ка 4Galvanized steel cable with 1.52 m cable length, 4.5 mm (0.18 inch) cable diameter
Х-ка 5Zinc alloy lock using a stainless steel T-bar lock mechanism design
Х-ка 6Small diameter lock mechanism ( 15 mm ) design allows the cable lock to be used with thin-designed notebooks
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Кабел типPC кабел
дължина на кабела1.5 m

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