Intenso Top 1TB SATA SSD диск артикул 3812460

Артикул: 3812460
Централен склад: Наличен
200 лв
The SSD SATA III Top Performance offers speed and efficiency for the everyday use at home as well as for extensive gaming. Outstanding transfer rates extremely reduce access times and processing operations. Using a SSD with a SATA III interface and 6 Gbps netbooks and computers can be booted in less than 20 seconds.


Capacity 1TB
Form factor 2,5"
Interface SATA
Protocol SATA III (6 Gbps)
Sequential Reading Up to 520 MB/s
Sequential Writing Up to 500 MB/s


Твърд диск - типЗa лаптопи - 2.5 инча
Твърд диск - форм фактор2.5 инча
ИнтерфейсSATA 3 / 6Gbp/s
SSD диск - капацитет GB1000GB
SSD Скорост на четене520 MB/s
SSD Скорост на запис500 MB/s
Гаранция2 години ограничена гаранция

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