HP A7E34AA 230W Докинг станция за лаптоп артикул A7E34AA

Артикул: A7E34AA
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352 лв
Аксесоар, HP 230W Docking Station


Предназначен заЛаптоп
Х-ка 2Ports: 1 Mouse connector; 1 Parallel port; 1 DVI-D; 4 USB 3.0 ports (3 Always-On, 1 powered); 1 RJ-45 (network) jack; 1 DisplayPort connector; 1 VGA port; 1 Serial port; 1 Keyboard connector; 1 Line-in jack; 1 Headphone jack; 1 Monitor stand port
Х-ка 3Power requirements: Rated Voltage: 100 to 240 V; Rated Current: 2.5A rms; Line Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Х-ка 4Supports the HP Docking Station Cable Lock, which gives you two security options: lock the docking station only (which also prevents access to the Advanced Docking Station drive bay); or lock both the docking station and your notebook
Х-ка 5Also supports an industry standard notebook lock.
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