EKWB EK-PLUG G1/4 Acetal черен 10 броя запушалки артикул EKWB3830046995735

Артикул: EKWB3830046995735
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EK-PLUG G1/4 Acetal - Black (10 pack)



EK-PLUG G1/4 Acetal - Black (10 pack) is a simple pack of ten black acetal G1/4" plugs with o-rings. The plugs can be easily tightened with a one Euro coin or a similar sized coin. The set of plugs is useful to cap your liquid cooling hardware which you are storing for a longer period of time. The simple acetal plug will prevent dust setting into your liquid cooling gear and since its an airtight plug, it will also prevent oxidation.

EK-Plug G1/4 Acetal 10 pack

This set can also be utilized to convert EK-RES X3 Series reservoirsalso X4EK-D5 Series pump combo unitsEK-DDC Series pump combo unitsEK Fluid Gaming

Made from black CNC machined acetal. Sealed with quality o-rings.

Technical data:

- Threading: G 1/4"
- Thread length: 4mm
- Diameter: 17mm
- Height: 2.7mm


тип охладителВодно охлаждане (Liquid cooler)
Охладител предназначениеОбщо предназначение
водно охлаждане типАксесоар

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