EKWB EK-HDC Fitting 16mm G1/4 черен фитинг артикул EKWB3831109846131

Артикул: EKWB3831109846131
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EK-HDC Fitting е уплътнение предназначено за използване в твърди тръби като акрил, мед, неръждаема стомана или друг тип съвместим твърди метали.


EK-HDC Fitting is a solid-tube compression fitting, designed for use with solid tubing such as Acrylic, Copper, Stainless Steel or any other type of compatible hard tube.

EK-HDC Fitting is a more secure variant of the EK-HD Adapter fitting as it prevents solid tube to be pulled out of the fitting by compressing the rubber gasket underneath the ring.

The barb is made of nickel-plated CNC machined brass while the ring is made of black-chromed CNC machined brass and feature quality O-rings.

These fittings are fully compatible with EK-CSQ series (45°/90°) angled adapters.

Best practice is to install these fittings using Allen Key 9mm

Technical data:
- thread: G1/4" BSP; 4.5mm male thread lenght
- supported tube: 16mm (OD)
- outer diameter of a fitting: 23.8mm
- installed height: 13mm
- compatible tubing: solid Acrylic-, Copper-, Brass- or Stainless Steel tube


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