AXAGON CLR-M2 passive - M.2 SSD радиатор артикул CLR-M2

Артикул: CLR-M2
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AXAGON CLR-M2 passive - M.2 SSD, 80mm SSD, ALU body, silicone thermal pads


AXAGON CLR-M2 ALU passive cooler for ideal cooling of high performance M.2 SSDs.

The versatile passive cooler can be used for M.2 cards, size 22 x 80 mm.

Five delivered thermally conductive pads with a different thickness will allow to install the cooler for all one-sided as well as double-sided M.2 SSDs.

The 8mm aluminium finned cooler assists in a better discharge of heat generated during the M.2 SSD operation, thus allowing to reduce the drive temperature by as much as 25 °C.

Thanks to its easy installation and compact dimensions, the cooler can be used not only with M.2 AXAGON adapters, but also with M.2 (NGFF) slots on motherboards, etc.

• Support of M.2 drives of any capacity.
• Support of both one-sided and double-sided M.2 drives.
• Support of M.2 drives, size 22 x 80 mm.
• Support of SATA (AHCI) as well as NVMe (PCI-Express) M.2 drives.
• Aluminium cooler body.
• 3 thermally conductive pads can be deliberately combined and used for both one-sided and double-sided SSDs with various heights.
• Compact dimensions 76 x 24 x 10 mm.
• Weight 21 g.


Охладител предназначениеза SSD диск
водно охлаждане типРадиатор - Radiator

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